Eric Leamen

Digital Producer, Writer, and Project Lead.

Box: Cloud Content Management at DHX Media

As Product Owner – Content Services at DHX Media, I have been tasked with selecting and implementing a content management system across DHX to provide global access to files and improve collaboration. We spent a year and a half researching, meeting with vendors, and completing evaluations before signing an agreement with Box in December 2017. Since then I have been working to launch Box across DHX’s many global offices including Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, New York City, and London. I have been responsible for managing our vendor relationship with Box, planning and hosting training sessions, preparing communications materials, onboarding and offboarding users, assisting with file migrations, coordinating software installs with local Service Desk teams, training users through demos/tutorials, and leading project meetings with stakeholders and executives.


Active Users and Advanced Users are calculated based on user activity – Logins, Previews, Uploads, Downloads, Edits, and Deletes – in the last 90 days.
Users with 1+ activity are considered Active. Users with 7+ activities are considered Advanced.

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Emerge Magazine 2014 Website

Emerge is a print magazine, web magazine, one-day conference, and student media awards program produced from the ground up by the graduating Media Studies students at the University of Guelph-Humber, combining the talents of students from the Journalism, Digital Communications, Public Relations, and Photography majors.

As Digital Director, I led a team of five students that designed, developed, launched, and published the Emerge Magazine 2014 website. The web magazine was built on WordPress using a highly customized theme. We worked closely with the Editors-in-Chief to publish longform editorials and shortform stories on a regular basis from January to May 2014, highlighting the stories that best represented our themes of technology, culture, and revolution. We designed custom layouts for longform pieces such as “Cosplay Your Way: The Faces of Toronto Comicon“. We experimented with sponsored feature stories like “10 Ways to Use Social Media to Get the Job of Your Dreams” and “Wine Cave Wonder & Muscadet Magic” at a time when branded content was a new concept even in major newsrooms.

We also designed and built a custom, immersive reading experience for our cover story “Bringing 3D Printing to the Kitchen“, featuring an animated cover photo, bold pull quotes, and gorgeous parallax photography. The piece was a collaboration between digital and print, developed by a member of my team and designed by me.

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As Web Producer for, I oversaw the design, development, and launch of Caillou’s first responsive website in English and French. DHX Brands requested a redesigned website for Caillou, one of their premier preschool characters, so I worked closely with them to document their requirements for the site, get design approvals, and populate launch-day content for the site. I met regularly with the web designer and developer assigned to the project to keep our work-back schedule on track and ensure all requests were being fulfilled. I also created a full CMS guide covering how to update content on all areas and pages of the site, which was handed off to the DHX Brands team post-launch. is filled with fun videos and activities, and is visited by hundreds of thousands of parents and children every year.

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Family Channel Big Ticket Summer Concert – Social Media Graphics

In my role as Content Coordinator for, I got to design social media graphics for the annual Big Ticket Summer Concert. Using assets provided by our On-Air Creative team, I created headers, avatars, and post images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube that matched the look-and-feel of that year’s concert and featured the performers from the show. The images I created reached an audience of tens of thousands, displayed across Family Channel’s social media accounts from May to August. My images were also sent to the artists to share on their own social media pages, and displayed on venue and ticket retailer websites.




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Full Contact: A Documentary ‘Bout Roller Derby

“Full Contact” is a documentary about roller derby that I edited using Final Cut Pro X. The film was a group project for a videography class in my third year at the University of Guelph-Humber. I also assisted with equipment setup and operation during production.

Synopsis: Roller Derby has experienced a significant rebirth in the 21st century, and has become so much more than the flashy, flamboyant sport it was in the 1970’s. “Full Contact” recalls this underground subculture, telling a story of personal expression, empowerment, family, friendship, and community. Without the devotion and passion of the unique individuals running the sport, the derby culture would not be the thriving community it is today.

Filmed in Guelph and Toronto, Ontario, 
”Full Contact” aims to break down the walls and erase the stigma associated with roller derby, educating viewers about what the sport has become, what it means to the players, and how it has changed their lives for the better.