Emerge is a print magazine, web magazine, one-day conference, and student media awards program produced from the ground up by the graduating Media Studies students at the University of Guelph-Humber, combining the talents of students from the Journalism, Digital Communications, Public Relations, and Photography majors.

As Digital Director, I led a team of five students that designed, developed, launched, and published the Emerge Magazine 2014 website. The web magazine was built on WordPress using a highly customized theme. We worked closely with the Editors-in-Chief to publish longform editorials and shortform stories on a regular basis from January to May 2014, highlighting the stories that best represented our themes of technology, culture, and revolution. We designed custom layouts for longform pieces such as “Cosplay Your Way: The Faces of Toronto Comicon“. We experimented with sponsored feature stories like “10 Ways to Use Social Media to Get the Job of Your Dreams” and “Wine Cave Wonder & Muscadet Magic” at a time when branded content was a new concept even in major newsrooms.

We also designed and built a custom, immersive reading experience for our cover story “Bringing 3D Printing to the Kitchen“, featuring an animated cover photo, bold pull quotes, and gorgeous parallax photography. The piece was a collaboration between digital and print, developed by a member of my team and designed by me.

Visit https://emergemagazine.ca/2014/ and check out some of our featured stories: