As Product Owner – Content Services at DHX Media, I have been tasked with selecting and implementing a content management system across DHX to provide global access to files and improve collaboration. We spent a year and a half researching, meeting with vendors, and completing evaluations before signing an agreement with Box in December 2017. Since then I have been working to launch Box across DHX’s many global offices including Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, New York City, and London. I have been responsible for managing our vendor relationship with Box, planning and hosting training sessions, preparing communications materials, onboarding and offboarding users, assisting with file migrations, coordinating software installs with local Service Desk teams, training users through demos/tutorials, and leading project meetings with stakeholders and executives.


Active Users and Advanced Users are calculated based on user activity – Logins, Previews, Uploads, Downloads, Edits, and Deletes – in the last 90 days.
Users with 1+ activity are considered Active. Users with 7+ activities are considered Advanced.